When to walk away, know your worth

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When to walk away, know your worth

When to walk away, know your worth

Walk away from people who put you down; your life’s purpose is way too essential to let toxicity take control of it, so step away from anything and anyone that may seem to be toxic.

 Living a healthy lifestyle

As someone who is trying to live a healthy life, we are often feeling the guilt along with the responsibility of meeting the needs of other peoples unhealthy lifestyle.
These people are generally our children, siblings, parents, spouse, coworkers, or friends; we all should know toxic people frequently seek to frustrate our life purpose and the calling we all have on our lives.

   Seeking your life purpose

So, my friends, While you’re seeking your life purpose, they’re seeking first to distract your focus and delay your life path.

* know the difference between difficult people and toxic people
* Find refuge in our heavenly Father when you feel you are under attack
* Listen to your gut feeling by discern when to walk away from a toxic situation
* Keep a positive mindset and a loving heart even in unhealthy relationships
* Stay focus by growing your inner strength and invest in reliable and healthy relationships

Our motto should be; we do not let others steal our joy or our mission. Now is the time to strengthen our defense, learn to set healthy boundaries, and focus on our heavenly father’s purpose that he has for us. It’s time to know When to Walk Away

When to walk away, know your worth

Step away from fights that you cannot resolve, we all should know that disagreements happen in one’s life all the time, with friends, coworkers, etc., but the worst is when we are fighting with a loved one, mother, children sibling, or spouse.

From small and insignificant to big things, to external happenings that impact a relationship, hidden demons from the past haunt a person. Some people can have an intelligent debate, and some can just be plain “ugly.”

Do you know 1 out of 10 times after these fights, we sit back and generalize about the actual source of the conflict? What was the real starting point?

The real question is always, Why do we hurt each other so deeply? Especially the ones we love.

No-one wants to be in a space where there is tension. Fighting is comfortable, but it’s the aftermath that makes it painful and terrible.

We all has a different way of fighting, some of us are aggressive or passive-aggressive, or we go into silent mode.

We all should try to make sense of what causes the veins in our temples to throb. Why do people throw darts at each other that will hurt others’ feelings? We all need to step back and find healthy ways of communication.

We all need to work on a positive transition for ourselves; no matter consequence, no matter how upset we get, be wise, breathe, and walk away

The more you walk away from negativity and from things that can poison your soul, trust, and belifs, the healthier you will be.


Herbalist and Editor in chief of Good Gas Magazine Anthia Wint

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