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Black Friday is fast approaching and that typically means a wealth of offers from our favourite brands. Personally, on the nutrition side of things, I’ll be keeping an eye on MyProtein to stock up on some of essentials.

Despite the name, MyProtein don’t just sell protein powder. Some of items I use most often include their almond butter, their sugar free syrups, Flavdrops™, L-Glutamine Powder and the Essential BCAA 2:1:1 Powder.

Just launched on their site in the Black Friday Sale is the MyProtein Black Friday Box which features 10 of their best-selling products and newest innovations to try out.

They’re all completely new to me products or flavours so I’m excited to crack open the box and get snacking…

What Products are in the MyProtein Black Friday Box? 

Contents of the MyProtein Black Friday Box

The ten items in the Black Friday Box include samples of:

  • Double Dough Brownie (Cookies and Cream) 
  • Whipped Duo (Chocolate Fudge)
  • Nuts Mix (BBQ)
  • Nuts Bar (Peanut)
  • Impact Protein Shake (Vanilla)
  • Thermopure (90 caps)
  • Vitamin D3 (180 caps)
  • Clear Whey (Cranberry & Raspberry)
  • Impact Whey Protein (Caramel Brownie)
  • MyProtein Shaker
MyProtein Double Crunch Brownie | MyProtein Black Friday Box

Choosing Your Protein

When I first started using protein shakes back in the day, I used them as a form of meal replacement and / or as a snack. Then they became a way to satisfy that post workout hunger and keep me from buying junk food until I could home to where a decent homemade, clean meal is waiting for me.

These days though, I’m much more strategic about it – or at least I try to be. Not very many people talk about how much protein they should be consuming each day, based on their specific weight, training and goals. We just do what everyone else seems to be doing, huh?!

MyProtein Impact Whey Sample

It’s been a while since I tried the Impact Whey but in the past it worked well for me even though I am lactose intolerant. I’ve tried the banana, and strawberry flavours both of which I enjoyed. Initially I mixed the shake with just water but I’d recommend a mix of milk / plant based milk and water for a more filling shake.

If you’ve looking to stock up on some nutrition essentials then now is a good time! You can also take advantage of the MyProtein Black Friday sale to try out some new products and update your firm favourites list!

Tried any of the products in the MyProtein Black Friday Box already?


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