The Memories I Share Of My daughter

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Memories I Share Of My daughter

Raesa Golding was born on December 19th, 1991, to Jacqueline Lorraine Golding and Dennis Roy Golding.  She was a very vibrant young lady with a smile that would light up any room she walked into. Her biggest dream was to become a Doctor. Her second dream was to attend medical school, afterward get married with the intention to have six children with that significant other as time would have permit them.

Raesa’s favorite sport was softball she played in Springfield Queens, New York. She loved people as she had many friends from high school who she kept in contact, including her best friend Chaniece, has a son (Shiloh) that was very dear to Raesa’s heart. Her favorite food was Italian , and she would love to cook it. The one meal she liked the most was macaroni and cheese. She also loved Jamaican food in her later years but, she didn’t like it when she was younger and was in the best of health. I would have to encourage her to eat, but junk food wasn’t a problem; for example, her favorite with the happy meal from McDonalds.

On October 6th 2012, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (lymphoma). It’s in the gray zone; which simply means it’s between The Hodgkins and non Hodgkins. One is curable and the other is not. Raesa had both versions of each Hodgkin’s and Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Raesa lived a year and a half after she was diagnosed, and on July 3rd, 2014 she went home to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and she was laid to rest on July 11th, 2014. Raesa came in my life and she only spent twenty-two years with me, we had some very memorable and cherishing memories that I’ll never forget, I will treasure them forever.

In her final moments after being treated at Yale Hospital for several rounds of Chemotherapy, we had faith and hope that she would be well. Unfortunately that was not the case. Finally when Yale acknowledged that the chemotherapy could not cure her illness, in which they told us initially that it would. She didn’t want to go to the hospice, so we decided to take her to our cousins who were medical missionaries. She spent nine days in their home with an intention to help her get well, but she couldn’t sleep after she heard what the doctors diagnosed at Yale. She only had a short time to live, but her cousin’s gave her clean organic food during that time, she had very small portions and she ate it and she kept it down. We believe that she did not die because of the cancer but from the lack of sleep. (She exceeded the forty-eight hours a very critical amount of time to loose sleep).

The morning of July 3rd 2014,  I was woken out of my sleep, I felt a war going on in my spirit as if l was having a vision and it literally woke me up,  a voice said check on Raesa, when I checked her she was already gone. She laid to rest just as if she was sleeping, I called her several times and I shook her but she didn’t respond. That was my final moments with Raesa. I miss her until this day, but I know she’s watching over me.

Today I celebrate her, did I tell you today was her birthday?

Written by: Jacqueline Green Golding (mother)

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