Do You Know, The Best Natural Skincare Trending For Acne Scars, Dark Spots & Blemishes?

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Do you know, The Best Natural Skincare Trending For Acne Scars, Dark Spots & Blemishes?
To me, Skincare and beauty have always gone hand in hand; This is where it all begins Since I was a little girl, My mother taught me about being healthy, eating the right foods, but as I matured, I realized that health extends beyond food but also into your skincare regime. 

I decided that I needed to take steps to create an all-natural, chemical-free skincare line for women and men just like myself who were struggling with acne breakouts; I wanted products without the harsh ingredients.

I am the owner of Ya’Della Beauty Brand


My go-to products that I Constantly used are the Turmeric and Tea-Tree Serum, Turmeric Tea-Tree  Soap Bentonite Clay Mask

  • Ya’Della Turmeric Tea-Tree  Soap

Ya’Della Natural Soap  bar will assist with reducing acne spots, scars and eczema. This bar will reduce inflammation, and skin irritation that is caused by acne.
This soap is made from Organic Turmeric, Tea tree essential oil blend, Shea butter and water. This soap is great for all skin types.

  • Ya’Della Turmeric and Tea-Tree Serum

Ya’Della  serum is multipurpose, it’s perfect for anyone who struggles with skin inflammation, black heads, white heads, hyperpigmentation and blemishes. This product also help with eczema, tightens and shrink pores , even skin tone and fades acne spots. Turmeric and Tea Tree oil has its incredibly potent.

  • Ya’Della Bentonite Clay Mask, Turmeric and Turmeric Root

Ya’Della’s Bentonite Clay Mask is 100% natural and chemical free. Bentonite and Turmeric is a healing treatment. This mask can be used as an instant purifying mask or deep cleanser. Our mask unclogs and shrink pores also helps to control the over production of seabum , while giving skin a natural glow and softer skin.

  • Absorbs toxins
  • Helps Reduce acne
  • Tightens and shrink pores
  • Even pigmentations/ Blemishes
  • Anti-Inflammatory

Great for all Skin types

This was when Ya’Della Beauty was conceptualizedThe name Ya’Della came from my late grandmother, who was 102 years old when she died, her name is Adella. 

I am the owner of Ya’Della Beauty Brand

My grandmother was a woman who believed in natural herbs for healing and lived a long healthy life. So, I wanted her name to live on as she was well known in our community back home in Jamaica for always helping people with her natural home remedies.

I am the owner of Ya’Della Beauty Brand

I knew I had to make my dream into a reality; this entailed spending many long nights researching each ingredient until I finally came up with the perfect blend of herbs And essential oils.

But this wasn’t enough; I knew I needed to extend beyond just skin and into feminine  products.

 Many women suffer from menstrual cramps, fibroids, and other yoni related issues.

So I wanted to create a product that would help to rejuvenate such a delicate feminine and  area. This was when I embarked on this journey to discover more knowledge about “Yoni.” I was able to develop a well-balanced herbal blend. 

My dream is to be the most loved skin and body care company reaching people worldwide, changing one life at a time.

 I want my line to get all the women and men who need a little boost and rejuvenation in their life


Certified Herbalist Therapist , Editor in Chief of Good Gas Magazine Anthia Wint

ShoBee’s Natural Divine Global  Mentorship Mission

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  • Grace Divine Obouo Akandan
    December 1, 2020 12:04 am

    Wow powerful ,your dream come to a reality that’s great story grandmother Adella thank you for transferring you believe and your secret to your grand daughter Anthia wint , today we are all rejoicing trough this natural herbs ,God bless you.

  • Am so proud of you this is just the begining of something great, comtinue to follow your dreams, granny “Adella” would be super proud as well❤

  • Thank you!!1


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