Letters Of Condolences and Inspirational Messages From Friends And Loved Ones

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Letters of Condolence and inspectional messages from friends and loved ones


This is indeed a painful journey for you and all of who have been impacted by gun violence. My heartfelt condolences and prayers during this period of reflection in the loss of your beloved son. No words could comfort and ease your affliction and no one could speak to your pain better than you. You have my deep affection and love throughout. May your heart continue to heal and may your work continue to be impactful while being a living testimony of your journey to heal the broken and comfort the afflicted. Continue to be a blessing and thank you for blessing all of us with your visionary leadership skills. 🙏🏿 : Dalton Galloway

I Am sorry about your feelings and sad to share the memories with you, it is had to lose some one dear and loving in your life, I can I understand. Mummy be strong as always for our God is in control. We love and wish you more than happiness. Since we can’tdecide for his maker we rather praise God for his good life and the memories he left behind. The vacuum might be there but God will fill it with many loving children from deferent parts of the world. To day you are called international mama. Heaven recognized that, mum beloved and remained loved. I am one of your sons and I love you so much. Let your tear be your song. :Noah

Losing a love one is indeed a burden on the heart my dear sister, God mommy and friend. As the years go by you heal better but the memories live on as fresh and your bitter sweet now becomes that hurdle you must overcome. If I should lose my son my world would crumble and just imagining your pain I can feel it too because we feel each other’s pain no matter who are where you are in this world. I just want to encourage you to remain strong in the Lord. God is our strength. Our help comes from the Lord. He knows the pain you feel. Never feel guilty to cry and pour out how you feeling inside because it helps to soothe the heart and relieve that pressure of grief you carry each day. He is in a better place and we are here threaten by deadly viruses and diseases that continues to steal our love ones too. Nothing can replace that unconditional love for your son. His flesh may die but his spirit lives on. Don’t allow the pain of his lost weigh you down but the happiness , love and great memories you shared be the driving force to help the children of the world🌸         Bernadette Kerr

Today is a treasure day for you ,because Latorrie’s was a treasure for you mummy things happen for a reason, is not easy but I want you to be more stronger than ever ,because one day you will meet him in happy place and you will rejoice with him ,this flowers is for him ,I pray that let our heavenly father confort you with is spirit 🌼❤️🌹🌿🎊 my dear mum you are more stronger than yesterday I love you Grace Divine

Anthia your son’s soul continue to sleep in peace my friend. I know the feeling is my dear, I’ve lost two brothers in the same manner. Peace love joy & Devine blessings.🙏🏽💕 Valerie Blake Williams

So Sorry ,My deepest condolences:          Jay Ann Ffrench

May you feel God’s amazing love and compassion flooding over your life. Praying for you sis.:Pastor Errol Stoddart

Ģòodafterñoom my sister i know it hurts ao much and you are going through a rough time . but i pray that god may give you the gò through it .sorry for the loss of your son. May you find comfort in the arms of your saviour .😘  :Elain Morrison 

Such a horrific loss. RIP cuz.               Marcia Williams

Jacqueline Green

Rest in heaven Latorrie memories of you son lives on in your heart continue to to what you do and stay bless             Georgette Richards

Good afternoon mummy. May the Lord shower his blessing upon you and your family. Is very painful to loose a person whom you care and love especially your own son. God knows why he make it to happen in that way. Please accept my condolence to your late son. We are all in pain :Isman Gey

So sorry for what you are going through. Cry it all out to God. It will help you to heal. Today is all about your son’s memory. I am here if you need to talk. Beverly Waite

Sorry for your loss my friend I know and feel the pain that you are going through. I also lost one of my daughter on the 8th of this month one year now. But hold the faith and be strong it’s hard but I’m trying 🙏❤ :Sandie Wint

So sorry for your loss. May is soul rest in perfect peace 💜 :Maxine Mc Gibbon

So sorry! Stay strong my dear!!       Richard Fagan

Comforting prayers sent :                          Teri Sandhovel-Gallardo

My deepest sympathy to Anthia,may Christ Jesus give you strength day by day 😇❤🙏🙏 cuz : Carol Wint

RIP handsome young man may God continue confort you time mourning giving strength day to day:Carol Wint

O Anita, I feel your pain. Continue your work , it’s a life long pain but keep trusting God🙏🙏:  Avril Keldo (Avril Stoddart )

I feel your pain my dear. May is soul rest in peace :Nannet Brown

I feel your pain my sis, Not the experience but I pray God give you courage and strength to keep up the good work you’re doing in honor of your beloved Son. Bless his soul peaceful. :Jacqueline Lindsay

Good morning.I share your grief and loss.Hugs.: Dorrett Allen

I am so sorry for your loss, Anthia. He is a beautiful Angel! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Always. 💕🙏:Jacky Nelson Moriarty (Nelson)

May God continue to give you strength. ❤🙏:Nads Antoine

SIP young man, Anthia continue to hold on to the Lord 🙏🙏:Sandra Myrie

Sorry for ur loss ma’a…may he continue to rest in peace. It is well.:Faithful

So sorry for the death of your son Mummy may our heavenly father continue to comfort you.:Steve

I am always praying for you. He will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing the article. Moreen Sinclair

May Latorrie Rest In Peace. As you reflect on his memory, know that God comforts the mourners and gives grace and peace to the broken-hearted. We mourn with you.🙏🏽🌸🌺 :Odellee Wint

I’m sorry Ms. Wint. I wish I could give you a hug. Rest well young king.:K Brown

My deepest condolence 😢 to you cuz be strong and keep the faith countiue may he rest in the arm of the lord God almighty 🙏 ❤ 😢 💙 Paula Miller

Cherish the memories you shared dear.he holds a piece of your heart so he will always be there :Rose Hamilton-Reeves

May you find strength in the Lord. Minnett Parris

🙏🙏 (Annette Dunn (Annette Dunn Hall)

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