Changing Lives By Feeding The Homeless For The Holiday Season In Memory Of My Son Latorrie That was killed By A Serial Killer

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Changing Lives By Feeding The Homeless For The Holiday Season In Memory Of My Son Latorrie That was killed By A Serial Killer. My son Latorrie’s was gun down by a serial killer three years ago, December 13th of 2017, I’ll continue to keep his memory alive by Partnering with Shobee’s Natural Divine Global Mission To feed 100 Homeless Families this Holiday Season. Donate

Latorrie’s article was First Posted by In Touch magazine

Arizona Serial Killer Victim’s Mom: Four months after her son was shot to death, Anthia Wint finds peace by showing compassion for his alleged killer.

LOVING MEMORIES Anthia tells In Touch that her son Latorrie “was always a peacemaker” who had “the most beautiful heart.”

Latorrie Beckford had big plans. In just a few weeks, when the lease on his Glendale, Arizona,  apartment was up, he was relocating to his mom’s Connecticut home to focus on his dream of designing a clothing line, he told her. Instead, around 7 p.m. on Dec. 13 — a day after they last spoke and exchanged “I love yous” — his lifeless body was found on a sidewalk in his apartment complex. He’d been shot twice. His devastated mother, Anthia Wint, couldn’t make sense of the murder. “Everybody [who knew him], the police, say my son was a quiet person. He didn’t get in trouble with anybody,” she says. “Nobody knows why my child was killed.”

Four days later, police arrested Cleophus Cooksey Jr., an ex-con who they say is also a serial killer. Investigators believe Latorrie, 29, was the fifth of nine victims killed during a three-week Arizona crime spree that ended with the shooting deaths of Cooksey’s mother and stepfather on Dec. 17. Now, with Cooksey, 35, sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial — he’s pleaded not guilty to eight counts of murder and other felonies — Latorrie’s heartbroken mother is speaking out to honor her son and reveal why she has forgiven the man she believes is his killer. “I couldn’t sleep before. I was tossing and turning. I had to forgive the guy that did this to my child in order for me to healinside,” Anthia tells In Touch in an exclusive interview.

Though she’s still grieving and can’t bring herself to say Cooksey’s name, she says, “If I need to be healed, I cannot harbor hate. Hate destroys you. Our hearts are too small for having hate inside.”

PUZZLING QUESTIONS But the anguished mother of four, Anthia Wint,  A Certified Herbalist Therapist,  owner of a Skincare line Shobee’s Natural Skincare and a herbal  line called Miracle Cleansing Herbs want answers. “You still have to ask: Why?” she says. According to Anthia, police told her the gun used to kill Cooksey’s parents also was used to shoot her son. Though it was later determined that Cooksey might have known some of his alleged victims — who include a security guard, an alleged drug dealer and the brother of an ex-girlfriend — “the police said there was no connection [ between him and Latorrie],” she says. In her quest for answers, she’s even tried to reach out to Cooksey but was turned down by his lawyer. “I want to ask him, ‘ What did he do to deserve to die? Did you know him? Did you know his dreams that you just took away senselessly?’”

She may never make sense of the tragedy. Cooksey has a dark past, including abuse as a child, according to reports. At 18, he was convicted of manslaughter after being involved in a bar robbery gone wrong and spent nearly 14 years in prison, then more time in and out of jail until his most recent release in July 2017. Anthia, 53, says his sad past is one reason she’s forgiven the wannabe rapper: “He was a victim when he was growing up. He did not care about himself, he did not love himself.”

But he still has to face justice — and she hopes prosecutors will seek life in prison if he is convicted. “I don’t believe in the death penalty. I do not believe in killing a person for killing somebody,” says Anthia, who has established a scholarship, Latorrie’s Cause, to benefit kids whose parents have died from violence she’d raised ($900 of. her $13,000 goal at press time). “Latorrie did not have any children of his own,” she explains. “This is one way of keeping his memory alive.” And though she knows it will be tough, she plans to face Cooksey at his as-yet-unscheduled trial. “I want to see the person who killed my child,” she says, sobbing. “I want him to accept what he did and help other young guys not fall into the trap he fell into. I want him to understand that I forgive him.

In memory of my son Latorrie’s who was gun down by a serial killer three years ago, December 13th of 2017, I will continue to keep his memory alive


In Memory Of My Son Latorre Beckford, That I Last 3 Years December 13th, 2017 to a Serial Killer, I am Partnering up With Shobee’s Natural Divine Global Mentorship Mission to Feed 100 Homeless Families  For The Holiday Season. Please Join in With To Make It All Possible by keeping his memory alive. Thank you for your support.


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