A Little Life Update / Q’tine Edition (Part 3 | Autumn 2020)

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Well, if I’d written this post when I intended to (in October), it wouldn’t have been a q’tine edition. But here we are, racing our way to towards the end of November 2020 and we’re in lockdown again.

Anyway, it didn’t actually change much for me because when lockdown eased back in the Summer, I didn’t change a thing. I never ended going back to the gym and I kept my online classes which I’m so happy about!

Since my last update, back in the Summer, a lot has gone on and I’m excited to get it all down ‘on paper’ here in this post.

I Finally Got To Race

Firstly, Red Bull Timelaps 2020 did take place! And although it was during such an up and down period with various levels of lockdown, we managed to make it into an epic weekend to remember.

keep it simpElle got a new look

I’m not really sure which update is the most exciting or the biggest news, so I’m just gonna share in the order it comes to my fingertips. But the new look of ‘keep it simpElle’ is a pretty big deal!

I’ve had my blog and everything that goes with it for 8+ years now and I figured it was time to really sit down and think about what I was actually doing, who for, and where I wanted to go next.

There have been two (very basic) iterations of the ‘keep it simpElle’ logo in the past but this time, it was created based on the very bare bones of who I am and what I stand for.

You can also get a ‘A Reintroduction To What I do‘ which covers a bit on what I do for work other than producing content for my blog.

keep it simpElle Velopacs

To celebrate the new branding, I got some custom velopacs designed. They use the brand colours – a dark blue for the main body with accent colours – and are perfect for storing valuables and your phone when out cycling, hiking, or walking the dog. I only have a limited number – you can get one via my Ko-fi shop.

keep it simpElle Velopacs

The Smoothie Bar

As part of the re-brand, I got some external help from Pip to write up a very comprehensive about page. When trying to think of a name for my newsletter (other than y’know, newsletter) Pip came up with The Smoothie Bar which is a nice connection and reminder of my little pop-up smoothie events company – Borrow My Blender.

If you’re interested in hanging out with me at the smoothie bar, getting more workout tips, all the best bits from behind the scenes and all the pre-class banter… then the sign up box is at the bottom of the page!

My Bedtime Reading:

Vuelio Top 10 Running Blog Ranking

It’s been a few years now since I’ve been ranked on the Vuelio database as one of the Top 10 Uk Health & Fitness Blogs, but in September I also made it onto the Top 10 Running Blogs database which was a bit of good news!

Fitness, running and cycling are the three main activities and sports that I am passionate about and committed to, so it’s pretty awesome to have that recognised.

Couch to 5k Bingo Challenge

So far I’ve given away prizes funded by me, but shout out to MyProtein who will be providing one lucky winner with a full outfit from their Velocity range and to VitaCoco who’ll be hydrating someone with a case of their coconut water.

We’re gonna be running all the way through to the end fo December at least so it’s not too late to join in!

Best Health & Fitness Influencer 2020

Best Health & Fitness Influencer 2020

Now this news made my Friday night! I was shortlisted in the Vuelio Online Awards 2020, in the Best Health & Fitness Influencer category and I only went and WON!!!

The awards were quite different this year – firstly, the categories were open to influencers and not just bloggers, as well as being open for anyone to nominate themselves or be nominated. After being shortlisted for the last two years, I went ahead an nominated myself (a massive Thank You to anyone who nominate me too!).

The shortlist was a very different line up this year with plenty of new faces from the health & fitness scene so I kinda felt it could go any way. But, I’m super proud to have won. I’m hoping I’ll get a trophy so I’m gonna pick a spot for it now!

Recent Features:

In other news, I’m so glad I managed to get away for a week in Amsterdam in August. While it didn’t make up for not going to Australia, it was great to have a week of new walls to look at, a week off cooking and a change of scenery in general. We almost had Amsterdam to ourselves with no queues for restaurants and grabbing ourselves tickets to Anne Frank House just a few days in advance.

I also managed to squeeze in another two podcast features – one on the Bioglan Health Unwrapped Podcast and the other which I will be sharing on the blog really soon!

What’s Coming Next?

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to a little downtime over the Holiday period. This year has been a little intense, albeit intense at home, for the majority of the time. It’ll be a really great chance to switch off for a while then get to planning (as best any of us can) for 2021!

Tell me, have you got any exciting plans for 2021 already?!


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