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Goosegrass or wire grass and it’s endless health benefits

Goose grass or wire grass and it’s endless health benefits, it’s truly Wonderful gift to mankind, You Will find this weed almost everywhere throughout the Islands of Jamaica, and mostly in warm countries around the world.

This herbal plant is widely spread along river banks, settled areas and even along roads! Since of our ignorance about the abundance of its uses, it’s normally ignored by many.

Around the world people has been testifying about how amazing, and effective this grass is in treating common and severe illnesses. Now, we present to you the explanations behind the excitement.

What are the Health Benefits of goose grass or wire grass ?
Goosegrass or wire grass is widely utilized in Jamaica and Africa as an alternative medicine for different sorts of illnesses.
Used dried leaves of goosegrass or wire grass as a repellent against insects. Leaves of goosegrass or wire grass contain silicon monoxide, oxide, and chlorine.

Dried leaves contain protein. Many declared it to be anti-inflammatory, a natural antihistamine, a natural diuretic, anti-diabetic, an efficient anti-oxidant and has cyclotomic properties.

Almost all the Parts of goosegrass or wire grass that may Be Used as a Herbal Medicine,


Boiled the leaves of goosegrass or wire grass or making a goosegrass or wire grass Tea Drinking will ease several pains and illnesses.

All the patch of the goosegrass or wire grass Leaves help with almost all conditions.

Boiled the stem with leaves you may realize it has simpler results

Drinking boiled roots may also cure several illnesses.

Health Conditions which will Be Cured by goosegrass or wire grass.


Because of this plant’s antioxidant properties, this herbal plant can help lower the danger of growing neoplastic cell in your body.

Ovarian Cyst and Fibroid

Patients with cyst conditions have proven that drinking goosegrass or wire grass tea in an exceedingly usual ease the cyst completely And may help it disappear For good.

Kidney Problems

goosegrass or wire grass may be a natural diuretic which increases the quantity of water in our body and expels salt as urine.

Arthritis and pain

Heat pounded leaves mixed with scraped coconut. Patch and bandage on the affected area.


Drink goosegrass or wire grass tea regularly and say goodbye to your glucose meter, this herbal plant will help ease your diabetes.


Apply directly to the wound to prevent the bleeding. Parasitism goosegrass or wire grass may be a strong laxative which will flush out worms and parasites from your stomach.

Urinary Tract Infection

You may stop, taking antibiotics, and begin drinking goosegrass or wire grass by boiling the  leaves will Ease your complaint right away,

High Hypertension

Lower the danger of high vital sign by drinking boiled leaves and stems of goosegrass or wire grass

Cold or Fever

You won’t need any medication to scale back your temperature. Just drink boiled roots of goosegrass or wire grass for faster and simpler results.

Ankle Sprain.
To have an immediate relief from a sprain, patch some goosegrass or wire grass kindly put some leaves on the affected area.

Hair care (Dandruff)

Reduce the looks of dandruff. Mix goosegrass or wire grass leaves and stems with copra oil Use it as a shampoo and gently massage it on your scalp. It also can stop hair fall and help your hair grow back to its original thickness.

Diarrhea Dysentery

This is a kind of gastroenteritis that leads to diarrhea with blood. Drink boiled roots of goosegrass or wire grass to ease this alarming condition.

Other Illnesses
which will Be Cured By goosegrass or wire grass :
Bladder Disorders
Liver Problems
Infertility in Women

This statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We are not using our product as a diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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